Librarians present at local conference

Tami Hartzell, Senior Librarian

Tami Hartzell, Senior Librarian

Werner Medical Library’s librarians presented two posters  at the recent Silo Busting Bonanza, a local event featuring innovative projects from libraries located throughout Monroe County and surrounding areas.

Senior Librarian Tami Hartzell presented One Note: Orchestrating Nurse/Librarian Collaboration, a poster detailing her work with Rochester General Hospital’s nursing department to streamline the evidence based practice review process for nurses.

Karen Sampone, Librarian and Elizabeth Mamo, Library Director

Karen Sampone, Librarian, and Elizabeth Mamo, Library Director

Librarian Karen Sampone and Library Director Elizabeth Mamo presented We’re back: Librarians Return to the Reference Desk, a poster describing our return to reference desk services after a 10-year hiatus.