Four 5-minute ways to live well

Happy May! May is Mental Health month, observed by Mental Health America and others. The top of this living well list goes to:

  1. Take a mental health screening quiz

    Why? You check your weight, and blood pressure, but how frequently do you check your mental health status? How often do you think “I’m feeling stressed?” Or talk about being too busy? Or have trouble falling asleep because you can’t stop thinking? These might not be crises, however, they can be symptoms, and they can keep you from living well. Screening is one easy step towards living well, and below are some other small ways:

  2. Breathe – take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Do this a few times and observe how your body feels. This is a natural way to reduce anxiety, stress, and to relax tense muscles.
  3. Read an encouraging or thoughtful blog post or book. This can lift spirits and take your mind off negative pathways. A few favorites are: Brain Pickings at and Spirituality and Health at  Do you have any favorite websites for this? Please share below!
  4. Write about one thing for which you are grateful. See how many days in a row you can do this, try for a week.

Mental Health America has more tips for living well here:

Additional Resource: Mental Health topic on Medline Plus

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