Optimize performance with the “Triple Aim”

The “Triple Aim” is an approach to healthcare that focuses on improving the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing health care costs. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement developed this framework in 2008 as a means of optimizing health system performance.

The following is a list of recent literature on this topic. If you are an RGH/NWCH team member and would like a copy of any of these articles, contact Werner Medical Library.

Promising practices for achieving patient-centered hospital care: A national study of high-performing US hospitals. Aboumatar HJ. (2015).  Medical Care, 53(9), 758–767.

Issue brief: Zeroing in on the Triple Aim. AHA. (2015).  Chicago, IL: American Hospital Association.

Working together to improve the patient experience. Billingsley R. (2015).  Nursing Management, 46(4), 11-3.

Revisiting the Triple Aim–are we any closer to integrated health care? Block DJ. (2014). Physician Executive, 40(1), 40-3.

Measuring the patient experience: Lessons from other industries. Carrus B. (2015).  McKinsey & Company.

Triple Aim program: Assessing its effectiveness as a hospital management tool.Coyne JS. (2014).  Hospital Topics, 92(4), 88-95.

Patient care and population health: Goals, roles and costs. Kaldjian LC. (2014).  Journal of Public Health Research, 3(2), 311.

Measuring the “Triple Aim” in transition care: A systematic review. Prior M. (2014). Pediatrics, 134(6), e1648-61.

Public health spending and population health: A systematic review. Singh SR. (2014). American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 47(5), 634-40.

Pursuing the Triple Aim: The first 7 years. Whittington JW. (2015).  Milbank Quarterly, 93(2), 263-300.

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