Health research reporting: what are you missing?

When you read a study report, what makes that report valuable to you? And what if the report is missing crucial information?

There is growing concern that health research reporting misses critical elements that would increase its value to the health community. While the mass of information available to clinicians grows exponentially, the quality of its reporting still varies. This is a problem for everyone. Clinicians, researchers, journals, universities, research funding organizations, the works.

The Equator Network was created to address that concern in a big picture way.  A global umbrella organization, Equator Network promotes collaboration between research stakeholders to figure out what information report is needed, and to spread these common ideas around the world. They now have Centres in Canada, the UK, and France.

Importantly, Equator Network helps researchers find the guidelines that are already out there – no need for a PubMed or Google search! The Equator team has done the search for you and added the guidelines to their Library for health research reporting. Quality Improvement studies, Case reports, Diagnostic/Prognostic studies, Randomized trials, Qualitative research – major study types are all there.  Take a look! It might save you and someone else some time.


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