Vaccines: Discovery to Licensure

Wednesdays at Werner Medical Library presents:

Vaccines: discovery to licensure.

Presentation slides

 DATE:           April 27, 2016
TIME:            12:00 – 12:45 PM
LOCATION:  Werner Medical Library, Rochester General

Did you know it takes 10-15 years and up to $1 billion to develop a vaccine? Join us as Research Scientist Robert Zagursky provides an overview of vaccines, including history, discovery and development.   Learn more about the fascinating process involved in vaccine development, including animal studies, FDA drug applications, clinical trials and successful licensure. Dr. Zagursky will also discuss the importance of targeting diseases and making vaccines available to developing countries to improve global health.

Robert Zagursky is a Research Scientist and Lab Manager in Immunology and Infectious Disease at the Rochester General Hospital Research Institute. Dr. Zagursky earned his PhD in Molecular Biochemistry from the University of Maryland. He also completed fellowship and postdoctoral training at Pfizer/Wyeth in the Vaccine Discovery Department and the Frederick Cancer Research Facility at Fort Detrick, MD.

Wednesdays at Werner Medical Library is a special interest program held on the last Wednesday of each month at noon.  If you are interested in presenting, please contact the library at 922-4743.


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